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The purpose of this list is to give a rough idea of the features I plan to add to Storycards over time. It will certainly change over time. Your feedback is welcome.

Update, 9/6/04 - I have decided to stop development of Storycards for the time being. 1.5 will be the final release.

1.0 - Initial release

support for multiple decks of simple cards, and not much else.

1.5 - Bug fixes and minor improvements, such as:

  • simple web-based applet version (not all features, yet)
  • compression of decks, including images, into single .zip file
  • available now
2.0 - 2nd major release

  • addition of Cardmaker - a program for making your own decks
  • fully functional web-based applet version
  • ability to load decks directly from the web

2.5 - Bug fixes and minor improvements, such as:

  • saving the currently loaded deck sets
  • auto-scale images too large for cards
  • (maybe) ability to print stories

3.0 - 3rd major release

  • addition of conjunctions (and, but & or)
  • addition of other word types, like adjectives
  • audible cards - have the story read to you
  • ability to e-mail stories to your friends
  • (maybe) addition of a MadLibs-like application for Storycards decks

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