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About the Web Version

You're just one click away from the web version of Storycards, which will play right in your web browser. There's some things you should know about it, though.

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It's missing stuff

The full version, which you can download for free, does more than this simple web version. You can load lots of different decks, for example, and this web version only uses one.

For the next release (version 2.0), I plan to make this web version include more of the features of the full version.

It needs Java
You'll need Sun's Java Plug-in for this to work. You may already have it - if you see a funny little guy (his name is Duke) waving in this square, then you're all set.

Your browser can't run 1.0 Java applets. If it could, you'd see Duke waving at you.

If you don't see anything but an error message of some kind, or if it's just an empty square, then you can find everything you need on Sun's download page. Don't worry, it's easy to set up.

It might be slow
Before the game runs, it has to download to your computer. If you're connected to the Internet with a dial-up connection, it may take a while, so please be patient. By the way, if you download the full version, you'll only have to endure that long wait once.
It's new
It's new with version 1.5, which in computer-land means it's more likely to have bugs. There are lots of different kinds of browsers and operating systems out there, and while this should work on pretty much all of them, it hasn't been tested on all of them. So if you have any trouble, please let me know. Maybe I can help you, or maybe I can fix something.
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