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What It Is

The basic idea in this computer game for children is to use a deck of single word "cards", representing the parts of speech (nouns, verbs, etc.), to construct stories out of. Why? Because...

It's Fun

The stories that come out are a whimsical combination of the everyday and the fantastic. A random example: "And the car jumped, and a book froze, and a wagon giggled, and a clock cheered and a fish exploded."

It's Educational

It's fine to define a noun as a "person, place or thing", and a verb as an "action word". But by creating your own stories using cards from the noun and verb stacks in Storycards, you really experience what they are through examples and usage.

It's Imaginitive

The contrast of mixed up objects performing mixed up actions naturally broadens the mind. What does it mean for a house to shine, or for a lunch to snuggle, or for a leaf to rush? Maybe nothing, or maybe something that makes a new kind of sense.

It's Expandable

The game includes default decks of cards, ready for play right away. But you can also add new decks entirely of your own creation. Make a deck starring people in your family. Or make a deck with words from your last vacation at the beach. Or maybe deep space astronauts and aliens would be more fun? How about the wild, wild West? Your imagination is the limit.

What's more, you can play with more than one deck at a time. Now those possibilities add up to become stories about your family's encounter with an alien sheriff on your beach vacation to a deep space ghost town!

It's Shareable

This web site,, provides a place for Storycards deck creators to share their creations with the world. If you're looking for something to add to your stories, check the Deck Library for new decks contributed by other players.

And if you've created a deck you'd like to share, send it to us to add to the library!

It's Everywhere

Because it is written in the Java programming language, it can run on any personal computer, whether you're running Windows, Macintosh or Linux.

It's Free

This is a hobby for me, and I enjoy it. Hopefully you will, too. If not, though, at least it's free. ;-)

Copyright © 2002, 2003 - Chris Grayson