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sample card file

Following is a sample card file. It is actually just "", which is included in the default Storycards installation. It includes the deckinfo, five nouns, five verbs and five adverbs. For an explanation of the different parts of this file, see the How To Make Decks page.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
<!DOCTYPE cards SYSTEM "storycards.dtd">
		<author>Jonathan Grayson</author>
<card wordtype="noun"> <text>and the bridge</text> <picture>jonathans/bridge.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="noun"> <text>and a dinosaur</text> <picture>jonathans/dinosaur.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="noun"> <text>and fruitloops</text> <picture>jonathans/fruitloops.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="noun"> <text>and a knight</text> <picture>jonathans/knight.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="noun"> <text>and a quarter</text> <picture>jonathans/quarter.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="verb"> <text>cheered</text> <picture>jonathans/cheeredj.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="verb"> <text>exploded</text> <picture>jonathans/explodedj.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="verb"> <text>froze</text> <picture>jonathans/frozej.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="verb"> <text>giggled</text> <picture>jonathans/giggledj.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="verb"> <text>jumped</text> <picture>jonathans/jumpedj.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="adverb"> <text>quickly</text> <picture>jonathans/quickly.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="adverb"> <text>sweetly</text> <picture>jonathans/sweetly.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="adverb"> <text>slowly</text> <picture>jonathans/slowly.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="adverb"> <text>neatly</text> <picture>jonathans/neatly.jpg</picture> </card>
<card wordtype="adverb"> <text>hungrily</text> <picture>jonathans/hungrily.jpg</picture> </card>

Copyright © 2002, 2003 - Chris Grayson